Fatigue is a common symptom in a general population. It can be a manifestation of many conditions; depression, anxiety, hypothyroidism, diabetes, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, infections (like hepatitis, HIV), liver and kidney diseases, and so on. In many cases, people are still suffering from fatigue even though the above conditions are ruled out. As a naturopathic doctor, I would like to explore many other causes to treat patients as a whole for fatigue with no reasons.

Nutritional deficiency
Deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes can lead to fatigue and lack of energy. Thorough assessment of diet, and signs of nutritional deficiency are helpful, and sometimes laboratory tests are required to see the patient’s nutritional status.

Chronic stress
Everybody has different levels of stress in the life. Tolerance to stress is quite variable from person to person. Some people can handle the stress very well, and they think that they don’t have stress in their life. However, physiologic changes in the body are unavoidable in coping with stressful conditions. Over time people can develop fatigue, body aches, impaired memory, unrefreshing sleep, digestive issues, weight changes, and many other symptoms as a result of chronic exposure to stress.

Sleep disorder
Inadequate amount of sleep and/or poor sleep quality are also not uncommon in patients with fatigue. Improving their sleep disorder can make them feeling better.

Chronic subclinical infection, exposure to toxic materia
These conditions can also present with fatigue, body aches, and neurological symptoms like brain fog, and cognition problems. Good history taking and laboratory tests can reveal the conditions like Lyme disease, mold toxicity, and heavy metal toxicity.

Malfunctioning immune system
Low function of immune system, stress, and fatigue are related. Stress reduces the immune function, which in turn leads to make patients vulnerable to infections. Subclinical infections can be presented with low grade fever, malaise, fatigue, muscle ache, headache, and gastrointestinal signs. In this case, improving immune function may help in relieving fatigue.

Holistic approach
In addition to addressing and correcting all the above conditions, doing regular tolerable exercise, involving in social activities, eating balance and healthy diet, and to enjoy nature are all helpful advices for patients with fatigue.

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